On Reflection Laser Cut Sandblasting Stencils - Laser cut stencil

On Reflection - Vinyl & Laser

Our stencils are reproduced using our own custom designed and engineered laser cutting machinery which will cut a particularly tough form of vinyl that many plotter cutters simply can't. This ensures masons can blast letters with extremely crisp and sharp edges.

Application tape

All our stencils are supplied with application tape to hold everything in place when you peel off the backing and stick your stencil to the stone.

Keeping things central

The addition of a centre line to each stencil you receive from us ensures correct positioning everytime.

Vinyl options

We offer many different options of vinyl depending on what you need. A typical stencil is around 425 microns thick, although our lasers will also cut on 100 micron thick material should you require it. We are also able to cut on a higher tack vinyl - just let us know when ordering.